Even if the entire decoration process of a wedding was based of flowers, it’s still not a mistake. This is due to multiple capabilities of flowers. Whilst there several occasions where flowers can be used in a wedding, choosing of the types of the flowers that are used is quite important too. Because they represent things that you might be fascinated of.

Here are 5 famous flower types that you can use for your weddings.


Expressing a rather minimalistic nature, tulips are widely for flower bouquets Gold Coast. It represents, consuming love’ and ‘happy years’, hence, it is one of the most suitable flower types that is both meaningful and visually appealing. They are naturally grown in a wide range colors. They include aesthetic colors such as pink, yellow, peach, white, magenta, red, purple and even cream. The reason why they are frequently used for bouquets is because of this variety of colors. They can be mixed and matched according to the theme and also the vibe of the entire wedding itself.


This is another extremely elegant type that falls under the category of ideal bridal flowers. Before it can be arranged, these dainty-white flowers must be individually wired and positioned on a holder. This gives an idea about the size of a single flower; very small. But when they are brought together for a bouquet, it will enhance the beauty of any bride-in-white. Having a meaning of ‘marital happiness’, Stephanotis is one of the most traditional flowers that works for a formal wedding.


It is the long-considered symbol of love and beauty. This flower depicts meanings such as beauty, passion and true love. While being available in variety of colors, not all of them are scented. When it comes to weddings, roses are categorized into 3 types such as spray, garden, and hybrid tea roses. But all of these have the potential capability to suit almost all the decorative measures in an exquisite way.


Representing the ‘vanity’ in the world of flowers, Hydrangeas are widely used as decorative flowers in weddings. They naturally grow in range of hues such as maroon, purple, and even blue. One would say that the distribution of the colors of Hydrangeas is based on blue; hence, for blue colored themes, this is indeed the best option that you can go for. Choosing of the most adequate flowers for the bouquets and the rest of the decorative matters has to be done carefully; probably by consulting reliable florists. That way, these flowers will make your wedding a heaven.

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